October 2021

October 2021 is here! Fall is upon us, though the weather certainly no indication of the season. This month National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please be sure to wear pink in support of the cause and in dedication to those we have lost. A Happy Birthday wish goes out to everyone celebrating this month. Let’s get updated on the happenings in our community.

• Upcoming Board of Directors Meeting- NEW
The next Open Session Board of Directors Meeting will take place on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2021 at 7:00 pm. The site and method will be determined. Please look for postings and emails for updates.

• Board Of Directors Election NEW
The Board of Directors would like to congratulate:

Greg Lee & Matt DeGroot

These gentlemen are the newest Board Members elected at the September 18th Annual Meeting. Thank you to all of the membership that participated in the election by sending in ballots and proxies. Thank you to outgoing Board Directors Chip Snell and Ben Chavez for their service. Thank you to Joey Bachrach for participating as a candidate.

We are happy to announce that the Club Room is back and available for private parties. Reservations and deposits are necessary, please contact Management for availability and

• Movie Night NEW
We are happy to announce the return of MOVIE NIGHT in the Club Room. THURSDAY OCTOBER 21ST @ 7:30 PM. The MOVIE OF THE MONTH IS “Moulin Rouge”. Get there early for a good seat.

• Mailroom Package Update REMINDER
We are happy to announce that we’ve added wall racks for package delivery in the mailroom. We will phase out the utilization of the package room upstairs adjacent to the management office. Due to the heavy volume we encourage everyone to pick up their package(s) as soon as possible upon notification from your respective delivery service. We are aware that Amazon, UPS, and FedEx notify via text or email once their deliveries are made. Please keep in mind that we receive anywhere between 50-75 packages per day ranging in size from very small to very large. The space in the mailroom is efficient, however, it can and will be very crowded at various times depending on the delivery cycle on any given day. It’s vital that if you’re expecting and available to pick up your package(s) that you do so expeditiously. We will be taking steps to perfect the usage of the racks in the coming days and weeks. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this transitional period.

Dogs and Cats on Leash REMINDER
As a reminder, it is the community policy that all dogs are on leash at all times within the community gates. At no time are dogs allowed to urinate or defecate inside the property including the grass and landscaped areas, violation of this rule is subject to a fine by the Board of Directors. Please be sure to alert your respective dog-walkers of our policy. It’s what “Being a Good Neighbor in our Community” is all about. Don’t forget to register your pets with Management so we may be able to identify them in case of an emergency. Email their name and a little photo to Management today.

Parking Space Storage REMINDER
Please be sure that all items are inside of your storage unit(s) and not outside of or adjacent to the unit(s). If you currently do not have a storage unit Management kindly asks that you remove all items immediately and look to attain a community approved storage unit as soon as possible. By leaving items outside of the storage units you create an eye soar in the parking garage and encourage theft. Please be sure to attend to your parking space if you currently have items stored outside of the storage unit. Our maintenance staff will remove old boxes, trash and any items that look to be discarded from parking spaces this month. If you are looking to keep any items, PLEASE move them inside your respective storage shed right away.

Please do your part in deterring crime at our property by taking an extra 30 seconds when driving in and out of the garage areas and letting the gate close completely prior to driving off. This key practice will stop a would-be thief from casually walking into our property. Please remember to lock your vehicles at all times. Should you have a storage shed be sure to check the lock(s) for damage or tampering. You are urged to not store items of significant value within the shed as they too can be targets for theft. If you witness any suspicious activity please call the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department at 323.650.4142.

• Homeowner Insurance Policy REMINDER
Please be reminded to forward your homeowner liability insurance renewals to Management. Last year we had over 90% of homeowners forward their information (which is a mandate in the CC& R’s) and we thank you all. I will forward reminders throughout the upcoming months both individually and publicly through the monthly newsletters. All policies can be forwarded via email to Manager@courtyardshoa.com .

Monthly Reminders:

Being a Good Neighbor in the Community
Now that we are all here at the same time for the foreseeable future please take a moment to review the guidelines on being a Good Neighbor in our community. By putting this information into action

Barking Dogs
As you know, The Courtyards of West Hollywood is a pet friendly community. Our dog owners in particular are very proud and loving, however from time to time as neighbors we may be faced with barking issues from our neighbor’s dog(s). Management has found that many of the noise issues occur when dogs are home alone and the owners may not be aware of any noise issue. Incessant barking is a noise violation of the Community Rules and is subject to a fine by the Board of Directors. Keep in mind that the City of West Hollywood also has a strict ordinance on barking dogs that disturb neighbors. Please take any and all precautions to ensure that your dog(s) is not barking incessantly when alone, there are a number of safe devices on the market today that can help. “It’s what being a good neighbor is all about.”

Disposing of Boxes
As you know, we have two (2) designated trash bins on every parking level strictly for cardboard boxes. They are easy to spot, very large white trash bins, easier to spot because they usually have boxes outside of the bins, not broken down, hence they have not been disposed of properly. What many of you may not know or even notice is that these bins are all adjacent to parking spaces utilized by your Courtyard neighbor.

Management kindly asks, the next time you are taking boxes down to the designated trash bins, please be sure to break them down properly and please be sure not to pile them so they encroach into the parking space next door or the parking drive way. That’s what “Being a Good Neighbor in the Community” is all about.

Your Parking Space Neighbor
From time to time we have all had moments where we were in such a hurry once we got home that we may have parked our vehicle in haste, neither of our neighbors on either side of our respective parking space had made it home yet, and maybe we got a little closer to the dividing lines than normal, or maybe we didn’t park as straight as we normally do because the neighboring vehicles were not in their spaces.

Management kindly asks that we all take a moment to be sure we take the time to park safely and correctly in our garage, as not to impede on our neighbors ability to park their vehicle or get out of their vehicle in a safe manner. It’s what “Being a Good Neighbor in the Community” is all about.

Your Neighbors Below
As we go through the daily routines in our homes it is easy to forget that many of us have neighbors living below us. In some cases, those neighbors below may be considered additional occupants to our units as they know our routines: when we wake up, when we’re cleaning, and in a lot of cases when we walk from one room to another. The reality of apartment style living is that there will always be residual sound from those above and adjacent to us. However, we can all be mindful that if we do have neighbors below us that what we may consider “normal” living practices in our units may project residual sound to our neighbors that may be distracting and disturbing. Management recommends always using discretion and neighborly consideration as much as possible in the everyday routines of our lives within our units. If you are up late or early in the morning, be extra courteous as the sound is amplified, try using headphones for television and stereo equipment. It’s what being a “Good Neighbor” is all about.

Laundry Room Washer and Dryer Issues
If you have a washing machine or dryer malfunction on a weekend or at any time, by all means feel free to contact Management, also please be advised that in every laundry room the information to contact WEB Laundry for service is posted on the wall. By calling WEB Laundry when a problem occurs immediately (800.342.5932) it will significantly cut down the turnaround time for service, especially if the problems occur on the weekend when Management is not in the office. It is appreciated that neighborly notes are left on machines that are out of order, please feel free to call WEB Laundry and alert Management as well.

Laundry Room Etiquette– We all know how much fun it is to do laundry, especially, on the weekends when everyone is home and getting a washer and dryer requires a lot of patience. Management kindly asks that when using the laundry room on the weekends to be very diligent when monitoring the washer and dryer cycles. Be sure to arrive back at the laundry room at least 2-3 minutes prior to your cycles ending so that another homeowner, resident, or housekeeper may use the machines in a timely manner. Also be sure to clean up any residual lint, fabric softeners, or detergent spills that you are responsible for. Our cleaning team prepares the laundry rooms at the beginning of the day, so we have to count on each other throughout the day to be responsible for cleaning up after ourselves; it’s what “Being a Good Neighbor in the Community” is all about.

Elevator Issues
It could happen. You pull into the garage, park your vehicle. You make your way onto the elevator and suddenly it stops. What do you do now? As in any situation, always remain calm. The elevators have phones that will call directly to Amtech Elevator Inc. (our elevator maintenance company) and they will dispatch a technician. Each elevator also has an alarm button that rings very loud to alert those on the outside that there is an emergency situation with the elevator. You can also call 911 from your cell phone to have the fire department dispatched. Please program Amtech Elevator’s phone number into your cell phone (1-844-258-1523) for emergency purposes. If you should become stuck on an elevator during business hours, the same protocol is in effect with the added option of contacting the Management Office for further assistance.

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