Architectural Application Single Family Home

Photo of a Hollywood Hills landscape at Mulholland Drive with residential area and distant mansions.

Architectural Control. 

A. Prior Approval Required.  No repair, alteration, improvement, or remodeling may commence in any Unit unless and until the prior written approval of the Board has been given, if such work is related to or could affect any of the following:       (i) the Building’s electrical, HVAC, or plumbing systems, (ii) the Building’s resistance to water intrusion, its uniform appearance, or its structural integrity (including, among others, the movement or removal of any wall), (iii) the level of noise transference anywhere in the Building, (iv) the Common Areas, (v) the right to privacy and quiet enjoyment of any other Owner, or (vi) the right of any other Owner to the full ownership, alienation, occupancy, use, and enjoyment of his Unit.  Any Owner wanting to do such work shall, before commencing the work, contact Management to determine which of the following will need to be presented to the Board for review:

a. Plans.  Detailed plans and specifications of such alterations to the unit;

b. Structural Support. A certificate by a structural engineer licensed in the State of California stating that any portion of the Common Area to be affected by the proposed alterations is not required for the structural support of any other Unit or any part of the Project.

c. Permits.Copies of all building and other governmental permits required for the construction of the alterations.

d. License.A copy of the contractor’s license of the person hired by the Owner to do the work (only licensed contractors will be permitted).

B. Requests for Prior Approval.  All requests for the Board to approve any work, remodeling or improvement as required in this Rule shall be submitted in writing to the Board.  The Board shall give its approvals in writing only (no oral approvals shall be binding or valid) and no approval for any work shall under any circumstances be deemed to have been given by the Board unless it is in writing and signed by the President or a majority of the members of the Board.

C. Right to Decorate.  Subject to the other provisions of this Rule, each Owner shall have the exclusive right to paint, repaint, paper, panel, plaster, tile, wax and finish, refinish, or decorate the interior surfaces of the walls, partitions, ceilings, and doors within his Unit and the furniture and furnishings included therein.

D. Indemnity. The approval and consent of the Board shall not relieve the Owner of the duty to satisfy the terms of the Governing Documents and of all applicable laws, statutes, regulations, and codes; nor shall it provide a defense to a legal action by the Association, nor shall it give rise to any liability on the part of the Association or its representatives.

E. Compliance With Laws. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is the Owner and not the Association who must ensure that the final product meets all applicable laws and regulations, is free of defects, meets all provisions of this Rule, and does not disturb the quiet enjoyment of any other Owner.

F. Notice of Completion.  Each Owner shall, upon the completion of any repairs or improvements, promptly notify Management in writing.

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